Treating Sinus Infection is Not Difficult Anymore

By now, everyone would agree with me that, having a sinus infection is most probably the most annoying situation one could ever find himself in. A sinus infection is an inflammation of the sinus surface tissues brought about by different factors including microorganisms present in the respiratory tract, allergens that are inhaled from the environmental air and finally, structural abnormalities in the respiratory tract. These microorganisms include bacteria, viruses and sometimes fungi while the common allergens known to precipitate sinus infections include pollen, mold and dust. Structural abnormalities on the other hand, may be such as, the adenoids problem in children which tends to swell and cause an air obstruction in the respiratory tract and lead to a sinus infection and the presence of polyps in adults. With all these factors present, the patient is forced to undergo severe symptoms of sinus infections like, having a difficult time in breathing, constant headaches, terrible coughs, discharging nasal fluids without control and occasionally not being able to smell any type of scent or odor.

Due to this reason, the patient usually has no option but to seek appropriate ways of treating the infection. One way of treating sinus infection is through the use of home remedies. These remedies include steam inhalation which help moisturize the nostrils and in the process increase the movement of the cilia :- little hairs found on the surfaces of the nasal cells. When the cilia movement is increased, mucus present in the air passages of the nostrils is removed and as a result of this, air is left to freely flow to the sinus cavities. The presence of air in the sinus cavities means that the oxygen inside the air is able to kill the infectious bacteria due to the fact that they are usually anaerobes (organisms that die in the presence of oxygen). After the bacteria are dead, the infection is forced to end too hence the patient being treated. Rubbing of warm wet pieces of clothing on the faces of children especially between and below their eyes, is believed to be another home remedy of treating sinus infection. This process helps the child to have an improved circulation inside the sinusitis and in the process help decongest the nostrils by cilia washing away any content of mucus present in the air passages and also help improve the baby's sinus drainage system thus avoiding accumulation of microorganisms in the sinus cavities something that will help treat the sinus infection.

Another way used in treating sinus infection is through the use of medicinal approach. This method requires you to consult a doctor and let him conduct a proper diagnosis on you. By doing this, the doctor will be able to know the actual cause of the infection and will be in a better position to advise you on the appropriate course of treatment that is likely to work on you. Antibiotics especially the Amoxillins, are most of the time used to treat bacterial infections the reason being that, antibiotics tamper with the formation of the bacteria outer cell walls. Without the cell walls, bacteria are incapable of surviving and therefore, they are forced to die hence bacterial sinus infection is stopped and the patient gets well.

Nasal sprays such as Atrovent are also popular medicines prescribed by doctors to their patients. These medicines help in treating sinus infection by shrinking any type of swelling found to block air from accessing the sinus cavities. For sinus infections caused by allergies, antihistamines like Allegra are the best option in this case. The reason for saying this is, the antihistamine fight against the work of histamine in the body which is believed to be the body compound responsible for allergy sinusitis. However, one has to brace himself for drowsiness as one of the major side effects.

When it comes to sinus infections caused by structural defects, surgery is usually the best option in treating the sinus infection once and for all. Removal of adenoids in children and polyps in adults is most of the time the primary goal of these surgical procedures and once done, the patient usually gets relieved immediately. To prevent the infection from occurring again, doctors usually advise their patients to always continue with constants checkups so as to be able to stop any slight sign of development of the infection immediately it occurs.

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