Disease Treatment in Travelling Situation.

Disease is inevitably undeniable since our body is an organic system in which there are so many condition of natural phenomenon that merely causes the system to be not in the right track.The organic living being has many parts in the system to be able to work properly, and it is more complicated than any machine ever built in this planet. Talking about travelling, one thing we must aware and pay much attention is the possibility of getting disease which needs treatment.Treating it self needs an accurate diagnose of what the cause, kind of illness, and of course the first aid to minimize the possible further impact. The new region we may visit has unique natural feature, the weather, climate, which could be different from the place we live. This difference can cause several illnesses since the environment often bring our body to treat as the harmful and response as necessary at a time, and we will feel unwell.

Geographical Feature Related to Possible Disease.

Pay attention to where will the travelling destination be. Some areas in our planet might be has vivid difference to place where you live. If you are living in the four season country, which has a winter time, you might be prepared for the tropical destination. The tropic area will be a bit shocking if you leave your home in the winter time, the air is hot and humid. To take a precaution dealing with this undeniable situation, you must prepared things you usually used in summer time. Not every place on earth has a capacity to provide all our needs, for example, some common products is not available at all in some countries, thus we should bring this “rare” item from home. Some identical items may be available, but probably carry a certain compound your body will not accept, furthermore, it can trigger hypersensitive feedback reaction from our body, usually identified as allergy. In this case, the comprehension knowledge of the travel destinations is a must, so we know what to be anticipated.

Some certain region has specific most case-found of health problem due to many factors, for instance the hygiene issue, epidemic parasitic diseases, epidemic human interaction diseases. The reality is not always as beauty as our eyes can see in particular region and we have to deal with the illness. Epidemic illness is probably the most frightening case. Some region is currently the epidemic area of diseases that may be we may never see the disease around our neighbourhood or even at the broad scale, in our country. Malaria is one of the most notorious diseases in some tropical region, some other country has AIDS in poor country in Africa, typhoid, flu virus etc. Make sure to notice this epidemic issue before make a decision to pay visit a certain place, gather information as much as possible to be able to identify the threat accurately.

Treatment: First Aid to Medical Assistance.

We may experience the “under the weather” situation in certain places. No need to panic and over reacted. Take immediate treatment with common drugs available. Using drug can be most convenient way to deal with the illness, but you must pay attention as the precaution to what allergy and the disease you have to prevent side effect of certain drugs. For example, as the heart disease will strictly ban the usage of some drugs to avoid the exposure possibility to heart attack.

First of all, pay attention to the onset of one particular illness; learn the symptom and what is the possible state when the illness get the advanced stage. Once it is found to be suspected as the contagious diseases, the treatment should be handled more carefully. Moreover if the place we visit has severe case of the epidemic outbreak of certain illness, careful treatment is strongly must be done. We know that in certain place and at specific the time, there are some outbreak of viruses related illness. Thus, you must assure to get the access to call medical help facility just in case you need treatment or medical assistance for further treatment. Once we tend to only look at a glance at the contagious one, the risk of getting more serious damage is higher and the worst case is we are too late to get help.


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